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Mowgli could be a big hit in India

Warner bros pictures released the trailer of its new movie Mowgli a few days ago.Mowgli is a fictional character taken from Rudyard Kipling’s “The jungle book”.For the part of India, every kid is familiar with Mowgli.There are several shows on television based on the same character.

In the same story it is described that Mowgli was a man discovered by a forest ranger Gisborne and he was also offered service by Mueller ,the head of forest and wood department at that time.He accepts the service and remains with the rangers.People were amazed by the hunting skills of Mowgli and later on the rangers learned that Mowgli was actually raised by a pack of wolves in the forest.And now Kipling described every adventure of Mowgli’s childhood in detail.

The setting of all the Mowgli stories Seoni,India.Thus all the things are related with India and Indian forests.And the Indian kids are the fans of the adventures of Mowgli stories.The new story trailer suggests that the whole story of the Mowgli is included in the movie so the viewers will have a great fun watching the movie.

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