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“Will you marry me?” – Ranbir Kapoor finally pops the question; Alia Bhatt are you listening?


Did Ranbir Kapoor just propose marriage to Alia Bhatt on Twitter?

Who doesn’t want to see Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt get married one day. After all, they are the newest couple in town and the fact both their families too are  warming up to each other only makes us wonder if it’s official and marriage is on the cards. Well, maybe not immediately but definitely sometime soon because for all that you know, even Alia in her recent interview mentioned how she would never settle for a live-in relationship but would consider getting married before she turns 30. However, little did we expect that Ranbir would go on social media to pop the big question already.

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As Ranbir took over Twitter for Sanju promotions this afternoon, he seemed to be in such a good mood that he didn’t think twice before saying, “Will you marry me?” He even added a lovestruck emoji. But before you assume if he tweeted this to his girlfriend Alia then well, guess there’s still time for that. Like Ranbir says, “It’s too new right now. Let it cook up a bit.” So this time the “will you marry me” question was just for a certain fan who tweeted to him saying she too is a fan of Supreme like him. To which he sent some love by asking her to marry him. Sweet, right? We can only imagine what would have been that fan’s reaction after seeing Ranbir ask her to marry him.

Check out the Twitter conversation below:


Only if Ranbir had also sent some message to Alia on Twitter but today being Father’s Day, he didn’t want to deviate from the mood of the day. He was here to only interact with his fans and make them a part of his Sanju journey. We are sure his fans must be really grateful to him for being such a sweetheart. Stay tuned to this space for more updates.

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