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WWE News: Brock Lesnar’s contract expires this Sunday; he will leave WWE if he loses Universal Championship

What’s the story?

During the recent Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast, Paul Heyman addressed Brock Lesnar’s future in the WWE and highlighted that ‘The Beast Incarnate’s future with the company would depend on one thing.
In case you didn’t know…

Brock Lesnar’s WWE future seems completely uncertain despite WWE’s announcement that ‘The Beast Incarnate’ has signed a new deal keeping him with the company after WrestleMania.
The belief is that Lesnar is just going to work the Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia in the Cage Match against Roman Reigns. It is expected that he will drop the Universal Title to Reigns there and then will go back to UFC for a fight.
The heart of the matter

In the interview with Sam Roberts, Paul Heyman revealed that not only does Brock Lesnar’s contract expire the Sunday night after the Greatest Royal Rumble, but that Lesnar would not stay with WWE unless he was the champion.
“Brock Lesnar’s contract expires this Sunday night. Brock Lesnar’s not sticking around to be number two. Forget about invoking rematch clauses. Forget about all that other nonsense. He’s either the champion, or he’s not here.”
This announcement could have major consequences for what will go down at the Greatest Royal Rumble as it seems, that like the build-up to WrestleMania was, that Lesnar will leave WWE (albeit probably temporarily) if he loses to Roman Reigns in Saudi Arabia.
What’s next?

Paul Heyman indicated that Lesnar would indeed to go to UFC and challenge for the UFC Heavyweight Championship and will either do it as the Universal Champion or the former Universal Champion. But he won’t stay in WWE as the former champion.
Author’s take

We could be in for another surprise at Saudi Arabia if Lesnar losing truly does mean he’s leaving the WWE. I guess it depends how much WWE want to keep Brock Lesnar around.

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