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Honor 10 launch―Should OnePlus 6 worry?

Huawei has confirmed that the Honor 10 will be launched as a Flipkart exclusive on May 16, a day before the much anticipated OnePlus 6. A bold move, considering the fan following that OnePlus has garnered. But this may not be an empty threat; Honor seems to have put together something which may offer serious competition to the established players in the Indian market.

Its confidence is evident in the fact that the Honor 10 is introduced as the most stunning smartphone ever. At the very least, this smartphone will be better than all its predecessors. Given that 2018 looks to be an explosive year for smartphones, with every manufacturer unveiling their flagship models exclusively, Honor 10 had better walk onto the stage with some unique features to flaunt.

It does look pretty, we’ll admit. It looks infinitely better than the OnePlus which seems to have sacrificed looks for ergonomics. The Honor 10’s body, from what we know, mimics Apple’s sleek, rounded-at-the-edges, design. Unlike the OnePlus 6, the dual camera at the back is placed horizontally, lending it an aesthetic maturity.

Artificial Intelligence seems to be the Honor 10’s self-proclaimed USP. The dual cameras promise that they will capture images like never before, thanks to the integrated AI. But this feature isn’t all that definitive. LG has announced a similar AI integrated approach with its flagship G7 ThinQ, camera and all.

Not to say that the Honor 10 lags behind its competition; it will come loaded with a customised Android 8.1 (Oreo) and a Kirin 970 octa-core processor to rival Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 845. The screen is a handy 5.84 inch LED display with gorilla glass protection, but it just can’t match up to the OnePlus 6’s AMOLED display. The rear cameras are similar, 16MP/24MP on the Honor and 16MP/20MP on the OnePlus. The former’s 24MP front camera, however, takes the cake.

The Honor 10 has been confirmed to have a 3,400 mAh battery, which is again very similar to the OnePlus’s 3,450 mAh; they will both likely last a day on a single charge.

As the Honor 10 is rumoured to enter the market at around Rs 35,000, it is safe to say that its price might be its USP after all. It offers features rivalling the best phones in the world, at almost half the price. However, at around Rs 40,000, the OnePlus 6 is quite competitively priced as well.

If Honor 10 delivers what it promises, it might hold its own and carve out a decent niche for itself in the high-end smartphone market. The OnePlus 6 need not quake in its boots though.

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