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Lenovo Z5 Portrait Mode camera samples officially uploaded

Lenovo’s upcoming Z5 is an intriguing smartphone, undoubtedly. Judging by past teasers, it should come with a record-breaking screen-to-body ratio, but apparently it will also have other distinguishing traits.
A dual rear camera system capable of capturing Portrait Mode shots, for example. This has been revealed today through a post on Weibo by a Lenovo Group VP. Three camera samples from the Z5 were shared, here they are for your viewing pleasure.

Lenovo Z5 Portrait Mode camera samples

The watermark in the bottom left clearly indicates that the Z5 will have a dual main camera, with AI no less (because in 2018 you just can’t skip that buzzword).
The Lenovo Z5 will be a mid-to-high-end model. That said, don’t expect it to sport a Snapdragon 845 chipset. Instead it may go with a member of Qualcomm’s 6-series SoCs. Past rumos have said the Z5 would come with a whopping 4TB of storage, but we’ll chalk that up to wishful thinking for now. The Z5 should be made official next month.

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