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Muslim boy made a bike that runs without petrol at speed of 150 KMPH, read to know price

It is said that necessity is the mother of invention. Waqar Ahmed, living in Meerut, has shown something similar. Waqar studied automobile engineering from the Delhi Institute of Technology and built this bike. He told that he got inspiration from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s make in India program and he decided to make this bike.

He has to face many problems in making this bike, but in the end, he made this bike. He named this bike as Modi. The specialty of this bike is that you do not even need a drop of petrol in it. It’s completely electric bike. Apart from this, one particular thing about this bike is that the belt has been used instead of the chain, from which the rear wheel rotates.

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He has also used many advanced features in this bike. Like a car, this bike can also reverse and this vehicle does not need maintenance too. Mobile and laptop can also be charged from this bike and there is no noise on running this bike. He has also described this bike as an ally of pollution free India. In order to make this bike, he spent a total of 72 thousand rupees, which is not much. The maximum speed of this bike is 150 kilometers per hour.

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